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Organising a Crawl

A small group manage our platforms and organise our chapter on an ad hoc basis. Experienced members or regular attendees are asked if they will help with the administrative group, communicating at sketch crawls and on social media.

Towards the autumn we start to consider locations for sketch crawls the following year. It would be easy to say the result is arrived at democratically, but it is actually based on practicality. This will involve; which members volunteer to run the day, the location and potential weather for the time of year, accessibility, free entry and toilet facilities, travel and spreading coverage of the capital.

"Thankyou for organising a fabulous day with perfect location and perfect weather. Wasn’t it marvellous 😊"

Once locations for the year have been selected they are listed on our blog, with full information and advertised on facebook and Instagram. Members who have signed up for email reminders should be notified just before the date of the Sketch Crawl.

We maintain strict rules for posting to the London platforms. Drawings must be clearly of an urban environment, the must be drawn on site and represent locations within the M25.

The area where we sketch is bounded by the M25

A Sketch Crawl will usually consist of morning and afternoon session, each of two hours. How many sketches are done in this time is optional, but there is a throw down at the end of each session. The mid day break is a chance to relax and get lunch. At the end of the session there is a gathering at a nearby pub, bar or cafe. There is no requirement to attend the full session.

"It's about drawing places that can be put on a map, and everything that happens in those places. It's about showing the world with drawings, taking people to locations they may never go through artwork you can only create."

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Throwdown outside St Paul's Cathedral

Throwdown outside St Paul's Cathedral