Urban Sketching

Classes and Teaching

Many sketchers are happy to simply turn up to a sketch crawl and draw in their own way. For those new to sketching, wanting to understand techniques or even the fundamentals of drawing, workshops are available and advertised regularly by Urban Sketchers. These can help members to develop or extend the range of their work.

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Workshop in London

Workshops are organised in the UK and internationally, offering the chance to sketch in various countries with a range of talented artists. They can make a really pleasant break with a well known sketcher and like minded attendees.

Workshops and demonstrations are a major part of symposia and other meetings. Participation is optional and events are individually priced.

Workshops can help introduce sketchers to specific approaches to sketching. Finding your personal identity and technique requires practice and regular activity. Keep sketching, try new things and enjoy yourself.

"We provide practicing and aspiring urban sketchers with the skills and knowledge to show the world, one sketch at a time, through arts instruction & education ."

Urban Sketchers"

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Workshops in Puna, India