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I love drawing, I get immersed and totally focussed on the task. I was a designer and university lecturer; I enjoy being with people, I like travel and cities, my job took me all over Europe. Discovering Urban Sketchers has been enormously valuable for me.

I discovered London Urban Sketchers through their blog and later found them on facebook. I went to a meet up at Kings Cross St Pancras and Coal Drops Yard. I was made very welcome by the sketchers and did a really bad first drawing, the complexity of the building, nerves and time got the better of me. The afternoon drawing was much better, clearer composition, simpler media (a fine-liner) and I really enjoyed it. First lesson learned, do not try and do too much!

We assembled in a bar and looked at each others work, I hid my first drawing and people were complimentary about my second. I met James Hobbs for the first time. He had set up the London Chapter, now ten years old, but more of that later.


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"Our drawings tell the story of our surroundings, the places we live"
Drawing of Granary Square,London 2016

The view from Granary Square in March 2016. It has changed significantly since then. Sketching documents the history of a place

Photo of Granary Square

How to recognise Urban Sketchers and know you are in the right place.

If not too early, there will be a small group carrying bags and possibly camping stools, most likely appraising the environment and chatting, looking for the nearest source of coffee. Usually the leader and some members will be wearing an Urban Sketchers badge. A sketch pad and a pencil is a dead give away.